Quinqu-Energia: Proposals for a New Practical Theology

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“Cosmology is a kind of religion for intelligent atheists.”
— Stephen Hawking (c.1962), description to his wife, when they first met, about himself
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Quinqu-Energia: Proposals for a New Practical Theology

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Today while writing adding sections to the new Hmolpedia "Atheology" article, I came across the 1854 new religion proposal of Henry Sutton, an English journalist and religious poet, an associate of Ralph Emerson, and fan of the ‘divine philosophy’ Emanuel Swedenborg, as outlined in his book Quinquenergia: Proposals for a New Practical Theology, wherein he sought to outline a new theology called ‘quinqu-energia’, from the Latin quinque- "five" + -energia "energy", i.e. a new age theology based on five types of energy, or the five realms of nature, or something along these lines; outlined some of his ideas here:

Mostly seems like 1850s god synonym new age:

but interesting nonetheless?
All the best, Libb.
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