Entropy Journal | Foundations and Ubiquity (Kostic, 2021)

A discussion forum for thermodynamics generally; but with focus on chemical thermodynamics applied to humans, macroscopically.
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Entropy Journal | Foundations and Ubiquity (Kostic, 2021)

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Milivoje Kostic emailed me yesterday about how the thermodynamics section of the Entropy journal is doing a special topic section on the “foundation and ubiquity” of entropy and or classical thermodynamics:
https://www.mdpi.com/journal/entropy/sp ... modynamics

and asked if I wanted to contribute and article. I probably won’t be able to contribute to this, as I am engrossed in completing my Human Chemical Thermodynamics manuscript:

Which presently has the “history of thermodynamics” full defined, experiment by experiment, up though Watt. It will eventually have the history of chemical thermodynamics full explained, up through Lewis (1923) and Guggenheim (1933) to Lippman (1941) and free energy coupling theory.
All the best, Libb.
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