Mark Ciotola | Annoucement

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Mark Ciotola | Annoucement

Post by Sadi-Carnot »

Email (29 Aug 66AE) from Mark Ciotola (above video):

“Hi Libb, Are you still active with Human Thermodynamics? If so, I invite you to present at the Life, Energy, Science and Society series. It is an informal series to bring together people who think about energy and society, to introduce people and ideas to each other. It is not for advocating particular agendas or recruiting. However, you would be free to give out your website URL and contact information, and then recruit whoever contacts you all you want!”

Hi Mark,
Good to hear from you.

Re: “still active with Human Thermodynamics?”
Yes, see the new version of Hmolpedia:

Re: “how life emerged from natural patterns of energy”, yes I have recently drafted a book that refutes that entire argument and that point of view, entitled Abioism: No Thing is Alive, on the Defunct Theory of Life, the Non-Existence of Life, and Life Terminology Reform, aiming to be published on 11 Oct; see pdf and online summary:

I watched your recent video “Life, Energy, Science, and Society presentation series”:

Probably won’t have time to “present”, which your video caption says is starting in Sep, but you can watch my 2016 presentation “Lotka’s Jabberwock: on the ‘Bio’ of Bio-Physical Economics”, at the University of District of Columbia:

Also, in respect to how you think “life emerged from natural patterns of energy”, you might want to check out Alembert’s Dream, which I am translating, from French into correct scientific English, this week:'s_Dream

See: §2.26-30, and click on the “vivant” link, to understand that the “life from energy” search is a semantically confused question, in its etymological roots, per reason that “life” derives from the Greek “bi”:

which goes down a rabbit hole of mythology. Life is a myth. Energy is real. Hence the confusion, we see in Alembert’s delirious dream.

Feel free to dialogue more with me in the following Reddit link (where your video is posted): ... sentation/

All the best,
All the best, Libb.
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