Mark Janes?

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Mark Janes?

Post by Sadi-Carnot »

In the last few days, I slated in Mark Janes

Into the candidates (#37):

You can watch a re-edit I did yesterday of his 2010 video (and also read YouTube thread comments I posted):

Also never really caught on to the fact that his theory is called “carbon entropy morphology”:

Most of his theory is very crude, green, and unpolished, but he did dig into some rarely touched upon subjects, such as human bonding theory, discussed in terms of Gibbs energy, physics, and chemistry; enthalpy, soul, big bang, morality. Still a little undecided on him; but he has a TC:85, meaning his name is hyperlinked to 85 other Hmolpedia article. Generally, once a person gets close to a 100 links, there is some influence to what they have done?
All the best, Libb.
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