Thermodynamics 2.0 | 2022 Conference

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Thermodynamics 2.0 | 2022 Conference

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Dear Hmolpedia member,

Thermodynamics 2.0 is a transdisciplinary platform where the Natural Sciences meet the Social Sciences.

Thermodynamics 2.0 can be a more encompassing framework to integrate the Natural Sciences and Social Sciences, and to advance our present-day state of human knowledge. We count on transdisciplinary scholarship to take human knowledge to the next level.
I hope to meet you at the biennial conference, this time in the beautiful city of Boone, North Carolina, on July 18 - 20, 2022. More information at; we have recently added some publications from the inaugural conference.

We wish you and your family a very happy Thanksgiving!

Yours sincerely
Ram Poudel, PhD
International Association for the Integration of Science and Engineering (IAISAE)
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Re: Thermodynamics 2.0 | 2022 Conference

Post by Sadi-Carnot »

Hi Ram,
Thanks for posting.

Feel free to post updates, or to start group discussion on key topics, to his forum as you like.

Best of luck with your conference.
All the best, Libb.
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