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New subform; also added Driesch and Kafka

Posted: Fri Jan 15, 2021 6:39 am
by Sadi-Carnot
I just add this page as a new forum subsection; and added the above "forum rules" as a general guideline. Lists of candidate names are good; but added commentary is better.

Related, today I added Hans Driesch and Franz Kafka, today to the candidates page: ... ics_T2.jpg

Need to read more of Driesch’s The History and Theory of Vitalism (1914) before I get a better feel on him. Generally, though, if he is conversant with Helmholtz and his free energy and is trying to explain the “idea” in the mind of an artist in terms of “potentials”, be it Kant-Aristotle type or thermodynamic type, he is an above average thinker.

Kafka, I intuit he belongs in the top 2000, as his name resonates frequently, but don’t known enough about him?