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JETC 2021

Posted: Sun Jan 24, 2021 8:34 am
by Sadi-Carnot
This week, I was invited to present at the Joint European Conference on Thermodynamics:

By Ram Poudel:

The sessions are as follows:

Thermodynamics and multiscale dynamics
2. How to teach thermodynamics
Thermodynamics and geometry
Thermodynamics and quantum physics
Thermodynamics and relativity
Rigorous mathematics and thermodynamics
Thermodynamics of diffusion and porous media
Contribution of thermodynamics to efficiency and optimization
Computation of thermodynamic properties
Driven (externally and internally) systems, boundary conditions and interfaces (spatial coupling of models)
11. Thermodynamics in social sciences (e.g. in economy)
Solid mechanics and thermodynamics
Engineering thermodynamics
Heat transfer and superfluids
Experimental thermodynamics
Kinetic theory and thermodynamics
Non-equilibrium thermodynamics with applications to complex systems

Only session #11 is notable. Probably, won't go. Need to finish HCT manuscript before more teaching or conferences. They also boast the following:

"During the conference, the prestigious Prigogine prize (a certificate and 2000 EUR) will be awarded for the best Ph.D. thesis defended within the last two years. If you know anybody who might be interested, please feel free to share this announcement."

Prigogine, for those who don't know, ran a scam on minds, in the late 20th century, including my own mind, in some respects, in his attempt to sell god and free will at or past the "bifurcation point". He convinced many people that they are a plate of silicon oil, on a hot plate, in the "far from equilibrium range" near, at, or past, the point of "chaos"! The Beg analysis (Amazon key term search)

for my Human Chemistry (2007) is as follows:

Volume One
Gibbs | 67+
Gladyshev | 29+
Goethe | 16+
Prigogine | 11+

Volume Two
Gibbs | 84+
Goethe | 71+
Prigogine | 12+
Gladyshev | 29+

The email invite for this, also boast about “featured mini-symposia” on:

• Foundation, theories, and philosophy of thermodynamics
• Definition and origin of entropy
• Biothermodynamics
• Machine learning and thermodynamics

I'm sure, most of these topics would get me into a latently-heated mode, particularly the "biothermodynamics" mini-symposium; my attempt at drafting the Hmolpedia "biothermodynamics" article:

Which began on 25 Dec 2008:
http://humanthermodynamics.wikifoundry. ... Results=20

Was the the point when the "shit hit the fan", so to say; the basic "straw that broke the camel's back" in attempts to reconcile "life" with "thermodynamics"; historical the tipping point of the downfall of "bio" as a scientific concept; the start of the decade long defunct theory of life debate: ... ife_debate

We can compare, e.g. what happened in respect to "information" based ideas about entropy at the last conference: ... ental_than

The learned wisdom of Weinberg, in respect to his information theory battles, should be taken to heart by everyone:

“Mathematics [e.g. computer science] itself is never the explanation of anything.”
— Steven Weinberg (1992), Dreams of a Final Theory (pg. 39)

Re: JETC 2021

Posted: Tue Jan 26, 2021 10:01 am
by Sadi-Carnot
Poudel emailed me 8-hours ago:

"Hi Libb, thanks for the link. As always, I learned from your posts Kind regards, Ram."

The only thought that comes to mind is:

“Biothermodynamics is the most undefinable word in the English language. Because the prefix “bio” – which derives from the higher powers of the Ankh of Hathor, which is modeled on the astro-theological ‘milk’ of the Milky Way, which became, in Greco-Roman times, the ‘vis’ of Venus, which became, in semi-modern times, the ‘vita’ of vitalism – does not exist, attempts to define, thermodynamically, a nonexistent thing, results, in what Lotka (1925) referred to as scientific Jabberwocky. Hence, a century later, an international symposium and on ‘biothermodynamics’, amounts to a century delayed symposium on scientific Jabberwocky.”
— Libb Thims (22 AE), reflection on [add], Jan 26